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Second time ordering. The first time we got burgers and "chicken" burgers. Both were awesome. The chicken one specifically was so flavorful and garlic mayo was wonderful. The buns on all of them were fantastic. Curry and cheese fries were scrumptious.
This order I was craving french toast one morning and remembered Shelly's was on point. So we ordered that and my hubby got a burger for breakfast. Both were wonderful. The french toast was simple, but the flavor was great. Not a ton of egg, but the light cinnamon and vanilla notes completely made up for that in every way. Very filling even at only three slices. I would order it again for sure. His burger, again, was bueno. I also got a cinnabun to dip in the extra syrup. It has raisins, which I was curious about, since I did not know this before hand. IT WAS GREAT. Reminded me of a croissant mixed with a cinnabun, flaky and delivious. The raisins complimented it wonderfully and the cinnamon filling was so delicious. Great company. Will be ordering from Shelly's more in the future.
Also ordering from a little ways away, I am still surprised at the quick delivery!


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Fantastic. Everything we expected plus some. Lots of opportunity to customize your order. The garlic bread was a larger portion than expected, wonderfully toasted and delicious. The gravy on my sandwich was perfectly seasoned and the meat was very fresh. My husbands only feedback for his burger was "needs spicer jalapeos, but ******* delicious" Delivery was right on the dot. Nice filling meal and the Irish sodas are awesome.


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The delivery person was very nice the restaurant also didn't follow up on the order they did not have a certain thing I want it but they asked if I would like a buttered roll instead which I said okay which I thought the follow-up was very good most of the restaurants will not do that excellent service great food


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The food was great, the delivery lady in silver SUV was super nice and kind Ive never visited in person but from the delivery people Ive met from
There everyone seems nice, I look forward to visiting this cafe you guys ROCK!!!


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The food is always good and hot,prices are good they have changed the menu a little my youngest used to love there stew and she is a very picky eater. I never had a problem with my order. I would definetly recommend it.

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First breakfast order from Shellys Cafe and it was delicious! It was to my work, I was busy so the delivery man had to wait for me - sorry! But he was very nice about it which I appreciated. The food was well prepared and tasty, eggs perfectly done. Yummy black and white pudding, beans - a great Irish breakfast. Even the free tea was good. I was greedy and ordered two pastries, eclair and a caramel square. The square won out, buttery rich caramel and shortbread . Wish Id ordered three. Thanks Shellys!


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Absolutely love Shelly's. What a find! As a Londoner in New York this is the closest I will get to a full English with the Ullster fry up, which amounts to the same thing. Cannot overstate how good it is to get real back bacon, mushrooms, normal Heinz baked beans (without all that extra sugar you find in US Heinz beans), not to mention a cup of tea delivered! Perfect for pregnancy or hangover. Love it!


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WOW the food was amazing! I had the chicken cutlet (fresh, warm and juicy) wrap with lettuce, onions, fresh jalapenos (not from jar, super spicy) and garlic mayo. This is my new favorite item at Shelly's. Food came quick way before the estimated delivery time.


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Delicious paninis! We ordered one to split along with a salad, and it was more than enough. The grilled chicken/pesto/mozzarella was incredibly good, along with a side order of garlic mayo for dipping. Will definitely be ordering from here again!


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My only complaint with our food was the fries. They are put in an aluminum container with the plastic top. They get soggy from the condensation. Otherwise the food is good and we have ordered several times.

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